Considerations for decided Sophie voters

I applaud your decision to vote for Sophie. Your vote for her will be a critical contribution to a far better future for our community and province than the alternative.

You can multiply the impact of your vote by simply talking with others in your circle, encouraging them to vote and telling them why you have decided to vote for Sophie. If they have doubts, ask them to explain their reasons or concerns. After Kathleen Wynne’s forthright June 2 acknowledgement that she will no longer be Premier after June 7, the pervasive negativity which has been directed at her should no longer be a factor in voting decisions.  What does matter going forward is what kind of government we collectively want for Ontario.

There are three arguments which I would suggest that you consider employing in situations in which you wish to influence votes:

  • The optimum outcome for Ontario is now a Legislature in which neither the PCs nor the NDP enjoy a majority, and the best way for Kingston voters to contribute to that outcome is to re-elect Sophie.
  • She is by far the most qualified of the candidates and is the only one who is offering more than just good intentions.
  • She is an MPP to be proud of, one who has earned our votes by the way she has comported herself, her proven effectiveness in her role and all that she has accomplished for our community.
  • Her proven ability to work well with MPPs of all parties in order to get things done will be invaluable in the fractious Legislature which is likely to result from this election.

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