Considerations for Liberals unhappy with Kathleen Wynne

You certainly wouldn’t be the only Liberal in this riding who normally wouldn’t hesitate to vote for incumbent Liberal MPP Sophie Kiwala but has been either unhappy with one or more of the decisions made by the Wynne government over the past several years or has absorbed some of the general negativity about Kathleen Wynne.  However, with Kathleen Wynne’s June 2 statement in which she forthrightly acknowledged that she will no longer be Premier after June 7, the optimum outcome for Ontario is now a Legislature in which neither the PCs under Doug Ford or the NDP under Andrea Horwath enjoy a majority.

The best way for you to increase the likelihood of a productive minority government is to cast your ballot for re-electing Sophie.  The new Legislature will most likely be a fractious one in which the majority of MPPs will be new and inexperienced.  We in Kingston would not be doing either ourselves or the Province any favours by sending yet another inexperienced MPP who would have to master from scratch the complexities of government, the Legislature and everything that being an effective elected representative entails.  She is the only candidate who doesn’t just have good intentions but has proven that she can work effectively with MPPs from all parties in that environment to turn those intentions into concrete accomplishments.



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