This blog site is intended as a repository of facts, analysis and arguments relevant to today’s political discourse.  My intent is to make a small contribution towards combatting the rise of populist politicians who seek to gain power through emotive and divisive rhetoric.  The sad fact is that oversimplification and outright lies endlessly repeated have proven very difficult to counter in this world of short attention spans and media which have lost the support and resources necessary to perform their traditional reality-checking role.

My long-term objective for this blog is to connect the dots on a variety of interconnected issues which are important to our long-term survival as a species, a nation and a democracy.  But, in the time remaining before Ontario’s June 7th election, all of the posts on this site will be focussed on countering the most immediate threat — Doug Ford, a classic populist politician who threatens to win the position of Premier of Canada’s largest province in spite of being manifestly unsuited for the job.  The posts will focus on the race in my riding of Kingston and the Islands, but most of the arguments will be relevant elsewhere.

Ron Hartling
Kingston, Ontario

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